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Kathy loves her nude portraits, and one 16"X24" on canvas hangs over her fireplace. She even did her wedding pictures and her wedding in the nude. ______________________________________________


Don believes that the human nude is one of the most beautiful subjects for artistic expression. Don does not aspire to the common cultural belief that the human nude is shameful. Don believes that “body shame” is an invention of modern cultural beliefs, and that simple nudity is not automatically sexual in nature.

Don believes that nudity in fine art photography can be sensual in a positive and beautiful way. Mankind has loved the human nude as beautiful art since cave dwellers learned to mix paint from minerals in the soil. Don believes the human nude is beautiful, and he continues to create the highest quality artistic nude portraiture possible.



Kindi loves going nude at home. Here she does a natural light nude by her sliding glass door.



Don Kiester has spent more than twenty five years as a nature, portrait and fine art (female nude) photographer.

Don began his photography career while still in high school, and continued while an engineering student at Oklahoma State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at OSU, Don continued his photography education by attending the Mel Newsom School of Fine Art Photography in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and graduated the TCC photography school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Don studied all aspects of portraiture, including posing, lighting techniques and the intricate science of modern photographic processing and photographic equipment. One of the specialties of the Newsom School was the photographic technique used for fine art glamour and nude photography.

Don studied the most successful lighting methods used for fine art nude portraiture, and in the studio, specializes in Rembrandt and Butterfly lighting. Don has also developed his own successful methods for outdoor photography of the nude using natural light. The significance of this is that many photographers find it difficult to manage proper lighting using outdoor ambient light while doing glamour nudes. Much of Don’s recent nude work is natural-light outdoor portraiture.

As Don continues with his photography, he has included a school for those wishing to learn the successful techniques that Don has used in his work.



Kindi, a young nudist female, says she loves being nude and believes that nudity is natural, wholesome, comfortable and fun!

Kindi does not believe in body shame, and she says she wishes she could live her life entirely in the nude. Kindi is always nude at home, and even entertains there with friends totally nude. She even drives nude in her new Lexus when she travels or drives in the country.

Kindi is doing a casual nude photo by natural light by the window...again illustrating the beauty of simple casual nudity.


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